Confetti Kids 
Academic Evaluation 

Are you worried that your child has
fallen behind in school?

With our academic evaluation, we can accurately show you what your child’s grade level is in reading, writing, and math.

Has your child fallen behind academically due to the pandemic?

Are you concerned about their educational needs?

Is your child’s self-esteem regarding school beginning to drop? 

Are you frustrated with the homework battles?



I am Felicia Wright and I am a certified K-8 teacher.


Through the years, I have worked with hundreds of children. I have noticed that parents need more support and guidance when it comes to their children and their education.



With my educational background, I have created an academic evaluation that can show us your child’s current grade level in Reading, Writing, and Math. 

With the uncertainty of the pandemic and schools closing and reopening over the last year, many students have fallen behind in their education.


Many, many parents fear that their children won’t be able to catch up to their peers or where they should be academically.


Students struggled with the virtual learning concept and not having the benefits of being in person with their teachers.

The Evaluation:

  • Will give us accurate information on your child’s current grade level in Reading, Writing, and Math.

  • Will show us what your student’s strengths and weaknesses are.

  • Will allow me to come up with a customized strategy to get them back on track.

  • Will take place virtually and it will last 3 hours

  • Will give you a 1-hour consultation to help answer all of your questions and concerns as well as discuss the strategy for your student. 

With my knowledge and guidance, I am going to give you actionable steps to better help your child with their educational needs.
You are going to feel confident having a customized strategy for your child and what their individual needs are.

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 The 3-hour evaluation is $1,597.00 and can be scheduled by
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