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Hey, my name is Felicia and I'm an educator that wants to push the envelope and challenge the status quo in education and how we raise children.

It's time to start making different decisions so we can create a different future for children. 


Children need a safe place to land. We have to be that for them.

- Felicia Wright

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Project Confetti Kids is an answer to our prayers! Ms. Felicia has been a gift to our family. Our son LOVES going to her class, exploring through project based learning, and receiving the love she gives out so freely! We are so so thankful! 

-Heather Criswell

Our twins have returned to Mrs. Wright's classes each month! They can't wait for them to pick back up in the fall. Project Confetti Kids teaches them math, critical thinking, writing, social skills and more.

-Kim McGhee

Felicia is amazing!! She tutors our two daughters and they adore her. Felicia is genuine, smart and creative. Our girls have progressed fast with the style of tutoring. I’d recommend her to anyone!

-Lincoln Rogers